Flashlight Drags

Flashlight Drags is the best racing event in the area. Fun for the whole family!

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  1. mgtf289 says:

    FLD’s are great fun. Chasing points at the track became work. FLD’s is meeting w/ friends and enjoying the hobby.

  2. mgtf289 says:

    Rob says he’s driving in ( no trailer ) & up for any challenge, OST Mike has been making some noise ! Can’t wait to se results. It should to be a good show.

  3. harsh says:

    wow, that mopar better have some rocket hidden somewhere for that.. i want to see the gtx run the white z28 that is spraying .

  4. FLDfan says:

    why are there no new postings? This season has been going for awhile & nothing new here!!!

  5. mgtf289 says:

    Waynesburgh was a fun day even w/ mechanical problems at the end. The fan support is very meaningful.

  6. Adrian says:

    First timer, great event at the Beaverun site! Thanks for the opportunity to push my car, it’s probably the first time it has been happy since it came off the LT5 assembly line back in 1990!

  7. mgtf289 says:

    Thanx for another fun season.

  8. christian says:

    when will the races be back in ebensburgh

    • FLD_blog says:

      We are not going to be going back to Ebensburg, Zeli or Clarion anytime soon. Not until the FAA and Penn DOT change there position. We will have the Waynesburg schedule posted within the next two weeks. As soon as the Greene County people approve them.

  9. christian says:

    when will the races be back in ebensburgh pennsylvania

  10. kevin says:

    I still think they should let bikes race! I raced my bike before they stopped us from racing, and I want to race again. Work something out with the insurance co. Com On Man!!!!!!

  11. mike says:

    Any chance in having an event at Mid-State Regional Airport up near State College Pa. ? They Currently have car events there held by Central Pennsylvania Region Sport Car Club of America . And there are alot of people with cars up that way that would bring them .The nearest place to run your car up that way is a 2 hour drive away

  12. mike says:

    any chance that after the wexford shows you guys are going to be up at beaver run again like last year?

  13. mgtf289 says:

    I wasn’t driving but it seemed like the lines did move better by pairing up earlier. Still haven’t got all the classes down so I’ll not worry about pink slips. It was great fun even just watching.

  14. MGTF289 says:

    Great photos , looks like everyone is having a good time

  15. MGTF289 says:

    It’s good to see more photos posted. Thanx Guys

  16. MGTF289 says:

    Sept Mag looks great. Good to see fresh adds & support from so many vendors

  17. Mgtf289 says:

    Join the fun! Car guys gathering ( FLD. WVStreets & UGH ) @ Tilted Kilt Morgantown Nov 9th

  18. MGTF289 says:

    Drod put together a great gathering last night. Place was packed, food was good & sites were pleasant. Thanx, Dave

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