New for 2011! OST Dyno Organizing “Top Tuners” Class

Hello and welcome to the first in a series of informational posts concerning organizational changes to the “Top Tuner” class at the Flashlight Drags. Having participated in the “Top Tuner” class for the last several years either with my VR6 Jetta or watching my son Micah competing with his Teal Honda EF hatchback it has become our desire to bring some additional organization to this class. For the past several years I have been assisting the FLD organizers by “picking” what I felt were the 8 fastest imports at each of the events. This year OST has become an official sponsor of the FLD’s and as part of this arrangement we have requested the privilege of taking control of this class and doing our best to ensure fair competition and truly identify the fastest street driven imports in the area.

Stay tuned for more details as the first Flashlight Drag event gets closer!

4 Responses to “New for 2011! OST Dyno Organizing “Top Tuners” Class”

  1. Dave says:

    Have a problem with the way these classes are being determined this year.

    I’m a 5x winner of the Tuner class, as well as a winner of both Street and Big Dog classes. As an owner/driver of one of the silver Lancer Evolutions in the area, I’m wondering why my Evo, as a street/daily driven import, has been banished from competition in the Tuner class. There have been other cars that are faster and it is not right to not allow a car to run because it has been deemed too fast or has won too often. If it qualifies, it should be allowed to compete. Period. Otherwise, make the classes more specific or don’t have them at all.

    An Evo with street tires should be allowed to compete in Tuner, Street, and even Big Dog if the owner so desires. The odds of winning all three classes at Waynesburg is slim, but if it does – so be it.

    • mgtf289 says:

      Dave, The classes can be difficult. I have an import that has been beat by Evos & other imports but they won’t have me in Tuner class. I just show up event after event & have fun that was never available before. Just enjoy what you have !

  2. john says:

    any one have any pictures from the last race at beaver run

    • FLD_blog says:

      I will have pictures posted next week. I need some help with a few technical issues, but I get them up soon. Same for the last Waynseburg race sorry for the delay.

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